How to Claim an Artist Page on Afrocharts.com

If you are an Aritst and you see that your artist name and songs are already on Afrocharts.com, DO NOT WORRY. You can CLAIM it. Here is how:

  1. Create an Afrocharts Account by clicking Sign up
  2. Send an email to afrocharts2016@gmail.com with the following information:
    1. Email Address that you used to sign up
    2. A Link of the page you are claiming on Afrocharts.com
    3. A Link to one of the following: Your Youtube Artist Account, Spotify or Soundcloud
  3. We will review the information you provided and give you an answer in 72 hours if your account have been verified and linked.

How to download songs into my mobile device?

As for now, you can only directly download on android devices as apple devices still have restrictions for this function

For Android

Visit a song page on your mobile device and click on the download button

For apples

Visit a song page from your computer and click the download then use itune to import your songs into your apple device.

How and where do we get the songs?

We work with artists and producers to get hq tracks delivered to you.

How can I Uplaod my music?

To upload music you must be an artist or Promoter and OWNALL RIGHTS to your songs, we would love for you to be part of afrocharts.com community. To upload your songs, simply login or create and account and Click Uplaod icon, fill out the following information

-Song’s artist(s)
-Song’s name
-Song’s genre
-song’s country
-QH mp3 file
-Mention if song is a FREE download or NOT

How to report a Song or Artist Page / TAKE DOWN

Afrocharts.com respects the rights of copyright holders and will work with the said copyright holders to ensure that infringing material is removed from our service

If you believe that a file that was uploaded to Afrocharts.com infringes on your copyright then please contact the email below to submit a request. Be sure to include your relationship to the owner of the copyrighted work, your full contact info, and the url of song/artist page or Articles you are referring to.

Email Us: Afrocharts2016@gmail.com. Regards!!!!

Have a question?

Please contact us at Afrocharts2016@gmail.com or on Facebook at afrochartscom